Kitty Lux - Aqua (Tiffany Blue )  *In Stock (HKD)
Kitty Lux - Aqua (Tiffany Blue )  *In Stock (HKD)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kitty Lux - Aqua (Tiffany Blue )  *In Stock (HKD)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kitty Lux - Aqua (Tiffany Blue )  *In Stock (HKD)

Kitty Lux - Aqua (Tiffany Blue ) *In Stock (HKD)

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Cat's out of the bag on our newest style, the Kitty Lux Sunshield!


Our Kitty Lux features an adjustable headband, purrrrfect for adults and kids alike! The transparent Sunshield allows for it to be worn lower than your average visor, blocking out the sun yet still providing the great sun protection Bluestone Sunshields are known for.  The unique deisgn adds a cute spin to any outfit.


**Do not use alcohol to wipe the lens! 

One Size

Plastic color soft lens set on adjustable headband

    • Blocks 99% UVA/UVB rays
    • Protects from Blue Light
    • ANSI Z80.3 Approved
    • Heat Resistant / Adjustable / Transparent Lens
    • Ideal for outdoor activites, sports and kids
    • Heat sensitive lens. Do not leave in car or direct sunlight (without movement) for an extended period of time as it may cause damage.

**All product is assembled by hands, there is some tiny scratches / marks on the lens, and cannot be prevented.

**Lens isn't 100% smooth after cutting by laser.

**Travel bag is no included** 

Please check the goods within 12 hours of receipt.  After the timeout, exchange is not accepted. Customer has to pay the shipment fee for exchange. PLEASE consider before place the order.


Remember take off the film before use.


Due to manual assembly, if there are tiny scratches, no refund service will be provided.


**Do not use alcohol to wipe the lens!


**Please use it horizontally to prevent ear pain. And adjust the lens to a comfortable angle.


 **No protect film need to remove


When putting on Bluestone Sunshields open the headband by holding on to the gear area. Opening by the end of the arms may cause extra pressure to the headband causing it to snap.

To clean the headband, spot clean with soap and water. Allow to air dry. It is also recommended you disinfect the headband using your favorite disinfectant and allowing time to dry. 


Bluestone Sunshields headbands will form to head with wear, typically after 2-3 times of use. If the headband causes pressure, adjust the band frequently. Wearing higher on the crown typically helps until the headband has formed to the head. 


If traveling with a Bluestone Sunshield, we recommend using a separate carry on bag. Do not pack in a suitcase without fully supporting all sides of the headband and lens. Do not pack in an area where the lens or headband may have an excessive amount of pressure applied as it may cause damage.